Compliance 3D™

Compliance and Ethics training like you have never seen before. Built in 3D for Web and Mobile with Server based Analytics.


SellPro™ Customer Records

Keep track of customer details and products. This iPad app is so customisable, you will feel like you created it.

Nigel McGill’s SaxApps™

Music apps that enhance your practice, your playing, and your overall experience. Built exclusively for iOS.

Digital Me™ Project

Digital Me is a Cognitive Assessment and Training Application, using Enhanced Game Design to Accelerate Learning.


Mobile Apps

SelfieCam, the iOS selfie photo app that puts you in the picture. Developed by Pivec Labs, SelfieCam is unique.

ICON12 copy

Game Design Campus

The home of Applied Game Design, Mobile Game Design, and Game Development Online Courses.

GBL Research Lab

At Pivec Labs, we research game design, gamification, gamability, player behavior, and just about anything in games and apps.

People & Pedigree

We provide leading edge solutions in Computer Assisted Learning, Behavioral Analysis, Game and Application Design.

Pivec Labs Services

Using our Gamability model, we can predict the market success of any video game or software app, via behavioral analysis.


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