Our company specializes in Game-Based Technology, providing products and resources to industry and academia. With over 50 years combined experience in the  technology and education arenas, Pivec Labs have developed specialized programs to analyze, assess, and estimate the market success of an idea or a completed product. We also provide leading edge solutions in the areas of computer assisted learning and knowledge management. With programming skills in both legacy and high-level languages, and a track record in both development and production for PC/MAC, web-based, and handheld gaming, we have worked successfully with commercial game developers and partnered academic projects requiring game-based technology. We are an accredited MAC and iPhone developer, Adobe Flash/Flex developer, and a registered Unity 3D developer. We have worked with companies such as Sony Interactive, Tyco International, Red Mile Entertainment, Metia Interactive, 3MRT, Caspian Learning, Hitachi, and AT&T. We have completed work for European Commission projects and the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE).

Pivec Labs is a Division of CranberryBlue R & D Limited, registered in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and operates worldwide.


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