Creating Characters and Animation with Mixamo

All Games need Characters, and this is especially true for Serious Games. Much of the learning within a Serious Game will take place through interactions with the Characters in the scenario. 

Creating an interesting character, for either the player or the NPCs (non player characters) is vital for creating the immersion needed in a game based learning scenario.  Using Adobe's Fuse for creation and Mixamo for rigging and animation, makes this task far easier than expected.

Adding custom characters to your Unity Game with Game Creator is also simple. However, there are some traps to watch out for, and some tips to take advantage of. This course will cover both. All participants will receive a workbook detailing all the examples.

The Learning outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • Knowledge and use of Game Creator Character control and Animation.

  • Creating Gestures and States for Player characters and NPCs.

  • Using Adobe Fuse to create custom characters.

  • Rigging and Animating Characters with Mixamo. 

  • Creating AI for NPCs using the Behaviour Module.

A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course.