Building for Virtual Reality Platforms

Virtual Reality is the most immersive platform that you can have for digital games, and immersion provides accelerated learning in digital environments.

However, creating a game for Virtual Reality is not always easy, but with Game Creator for Unity and the Virtual Reality Module for Game Creator, anyone can create a game within this immersive platform.

The Virtual Reality Module for Game Creator has been built using Unity's XR Framework, which means it will run on any VR headset that supports XR (which is most of them). This course, the first of a series, will build on what you already know about Game Creator and show you how to convert your serious game to Virtual Reality. All participants will receive a workbook detailing all the examples.

The Learning outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • Knowledge and use of Virtual Reality Concepts and Controls.

  • Creating cameras for VR, both first and third person. 

  • Adding interactivity with Game Creator specifically for VR platforms.

  • Configuring VR player controls for learners and those with special needs

This course is a half day course and will be followed by sessions with more advanced features. A copy on Game Creator 1 is required to be installed in Unity, and the VR modules will be provided upon registration.


A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course.