Game Creator Boot Camp

Attendees will be guided through a rapid development process for a serious game using only a drag and drop techniques. This condensed workshop will provide the basic knowledge of Unity and Game Creator and transferable skills attendees can use to make a serious digital game on any platform. 

Used within education, by indie developers and commercial companies, Unity with the Game Creator plugin enables anyone to drag and drop highly efficient and functional code into their project. This allows anyone, from students and teachers through to commercial developers to decrease their timeline to focus on the aesthetics, mechanics, and learning outcomes of the resulting product.

This workshop will be engaging and informative and most of all, the attendees will learn easy to use computer-based tools that will let them create their own serious digital game. Game Creator is required for this workshop and can be purchased from the Unity Asset store,

The Learning outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • Basic use of the Unity Editor and Installation of Unity Packages

  • Knowledge and use of Game Creator Triggers, Actions, and Camera Motors

  • Creating and animating Splash Screens and User Interface Screens.

  • Configuring and building a Unity game for Desktop platforms

A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course.

For this course, you will need a licensed copy of the following assets:

Please purchase these using the product page on this site

Additional resources can be for here:

Minimum number of attendees needed - 6

Maximum number for class - 25

This course has currently been scheduled for one session:  Saturday 5th of December if you have not completed the full Game Creator course, it is a prerequisite for the Accessibility Course.

The times for this online course is as follows:


  •  9am until 12am Pacific Time (US)

  •  Noon until 3pm Eastern Time (US)