Expansion Pack 2 for Game Creator 2


Included in this Asset are over 80 new and exciting Instructions for Game Creator 2. They



  • 11 x Audio (Audio source, Streaming, etc)
  • 3 x Camera (Mirror, Objects, Rotation)
  • 6 x Environment (Lighting, Skybox, etc)
  • 16 x GameObject (Drag, Spawn, etc)
  • 7 x Lighting (Settings, Flicker, Follow, Lookat)
  • 2 x Logic (Collider size, Repeating)
  • 5 x Physics 3D (RigidBody Attract and Repel)
  • 8 x Random (Instructions, Objects, Wait, etc)
  • 6 x Renderer (Highlighting Objects)
  • 8 x Textmesh Pro 3D (Settings, Rotate, Lookat, etc)
  • 3 x Time (Time Scale and Timers)
  • 6 x Video (Renderer, URL, and more)
  • 14 x Map (Minimap, Full Screen, Navigation Compass)



This asset also includes 12 custom Property Drawers for the above and 3 custom Attributes.

There are also 6 Detailed Example scenes and 1 Audio Component.


All instructions are fully supported, but are subject to change while Game Creator 2 is in Beta.


The Minimap system is ported from the UI Components Module for GC1. As such, the instructions and components are almost the same and at this time, the original docs can be used for this feature.

Minimap Documentation here.

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