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The past week was taken up with conference workshops and I still need to create the certificates on completion, so I am not finished with this as yet. However, work has still been progressing on our WebXR (VR) project, and the VR Flyer is looking awesome. We change the Space Craft model we were using, as the first one was a bit cramped and I was always bumping into the sides with my hands. While this was perfect for coding the collision detect to stop the player from sticking their head out the window (not a good thing to do while you are in space), I wanted some more room to be comfortable.

I also added some cool weapons to blow up the Asteroids (otherwise you would get bored just flying around) and these are triggered using the trigger buttons on each of the hand controls. There is a machine guns on the joystick control, and a plasma cannon on the throttle control. Both with sound effects and, well, they just look cool. You can check out the playable demo online, but it does fly around at the moment.

We still have issues with the space flying due to the nested rigid bodies. I found many documents saying the one should never do this, but as the grabbable controls need to have rigid body component, and need to be inside the spacecraft, there is not much of an option.

However, all is not lost. To delve deeper into the physics needed for this, we created a Driving Simulator using the same components. With a bit of tweaking and adding some colliders and gravity, it works great. But as gravity is not a thing you have in space, the problem still exists. But, I now look upon this as a personal challenge. I do not like people telling me that it cannot be done, it just makes me try harder.

So all I can say for todays post, is watch this space (excuse the pun).


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