From Research to Development: Where Academia meets Industry

Presenters: Associate Professor DI Dr Maja Pivec and Dr Paul Pivec


Many games for learning conferences ask the question of why the commercial game industry does not embrace academia. While the answer is always an economic one, very few offer solutions for the opposite, how academia can support industry.


This presentation will document how the presenters, one from each arena, have bridged the two disciplines. From involving developers in assessing student work, to hosting commercial game jams, this sessions will provide attendees with a template for increasing their influence and maximising their resources within the serious games arena. 


Topics covered will include building an academic learning model through to its implementation within the commercial environment, as well as issues like coercing students to learn the required skills, and developing for appropriate target markets. 

Creating Serious Games without coding: Visual scripting for Educators and Developers.

Workshop Hosts: Dr Paul Pivec and Associate Professor DI Dr Maja Pivec 


During this workshop, attendees will create an interactive 3D world that will provide the base for any serious digital game on any platform. Using the Unity Game engine and Game Creator as a visual scripting tool, the workshop hosts will guide attendees through a rapid development process using only a drag and drop technique.

Used within education, by indie developers, and commercial companies, Unity with the Game Creator plugin enables anyone to drag and drop highly efficient and functional code into their product. This allows anyone from students and teachers without coding skills, through to experienced commercial developers wishing to decrease their development timeline, to focus on aesthetics, the mechanics, and learning outcomes of the resulting product. 

This workshop will be engaging, informative, and fun, and most of all, the participants will learn how to create the basis of any serious digital game. The Educational version of Game Creator plugin and additional modules, along with high quality 3D resources, will all be provided during the workshop free of charge to all attendees.


To maximise learning within the allotted time, all participants should bring their laptop (Mac or PC) with Unity already installed (instructions can be found here).


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