Camera Actions

Change Camers Settings

Set Active/Inactive, change thumbstick and sensitivity.

Change Camera Motor

Change the Camera Motor to First Person, Adventure, or Follow.

Activate XR

Swap between a Main Camera and the XR Camera Rig.

VR Screen Capture

Captures a Screen Shot to Disk in low or high resolution.


Some of these Actions are required to be configured with the corresponding Game Objects, although the change camera settings will find the required objects for you. The changing of the VR Camera motor should be used in-conjunction with inactive/activate which ever IK system you are using. The IK system will need to reinitialised if a new player character model is set for the new camera motor.


The Activate XR action can be used for PCVR when you want to have keyboard controls and VR controls in the same game. This script can be used to switch between a main camera for desktop view and an XR camera for VR.


The Screen Capture will take a screen shot of what the player is seeing, in low or high resolution, and in png, jpg, or tga format. In PCVR mode, the images are saved in the same folder as the game, and for mobile (Android Quest), in the persistent data folder. Care should be taken when using High Resolution as this may stall the game play.


Each of these Actions are shown in the examples.

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