UI Events


UI Components in a VR settings are complicated. We have attempted to make them as simple as possible, as well as provide examples of the existing Game Creator Modules, like Inventory and Dialogue, that utilise UI extensively.


We have also provided Actions that will automatically convert Screen Space Canvases that GC Modules use, to World Space that VR needs. These Actions will also change the Time Layer that each of the GC Modules uses to stop the player movement.


You are able to control things such as where to place the canvas and what to parent it with, if it is to rotate, and what axis and what to look at. The Canvas Prefab mustr be exactly the canvas being used, and the Open Action (Inventory Open, Quest Hud, etc) must be called first. (see example scenes for details).


If you have your own Screen Space Canvas that you want to view, you can use the World Space to VR Canvas Action, which does the same thing, but does not link the GC Module Canvas nor Time layers.

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