UI Actions

GC Canvas in VR World Space

Converts a GC Screen Space Canvas to World Space and configures.

Simple Message VR

Displays a Simple Message in World Space.

Time Scale Layer

Sets the Time value of a specific Layer.

World Space VR Canvas

Converts any Screen Space Canvas to World Space and configures.

Display VR Compass

Adds a Player Compass UI Screen to be converted to Worldspace


Creating a World Space Canvas can be difficult, and Game Creator almost always utilises Screen Space for most of it's modules. We have included two Actions that will convert a Screen Space Canvas and place it in World Space, The example scenes show the suggested settings fort each, but these can be change for individual preferences. Please note that there is a separate Action for Game Creator Screens as when they alter the Layer Time Scale for each. This is not desirable in VR as you still need the player to be able to move and interact with the Canvas.


At the time of writing, the Drag feature from Canvas to Canvas or to Game Object in the GC Inventory Module, does not work. However, er have created an alternative for this with the VR Event Trigger - explained in the Triggers section.


The UI pointer can be set to the Left or Right hand, but this currently cannot be changed at runtime. See the Line Renderer section.

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