XR Rig Component


To get started, you need to add the XRRig prefab to your scene. This can be found in the VRModule/Prefabs folder. The XRRig consists of a Main Camera, and Left and Right Hand Controllers.


As this Rig is is for GC1, the Camera component consists of a Hook Camera and Camera Controller script. You can add the current Camera Motor to this, or use one of the included Actions. The Camera Component also includes a Track Pose Driver from the XR Package.


Both the Left and Right Hand Controller components include Unity's XR Controller, a Rigidbody and Sphere collider for collision detection, and a Hand Collider Script to action any collisions.


The XRRig itself has the VR Camera Motor script attached. Here you can set a camera offset, and toggle the camera rotate feature, or use GC Actions to do this. The Camera controls also allow for snap to 45 degree rotating.


In summary, the XRRig prefab simply needs to be added to the scene Hierarchy and any changes can be completed using Actions in the Camera Actions Folder


As an alternative to using the Thumbstick, with the Follow Camera Motor you can also use the players head movement to rotate the Camera. This is an experimental feature and will be further developed.

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