HandControl Actions

Set All Collider Inactive

Sets All the Colliders associated with either Hand inactive.

Set Hand Canvas Inactive

Sets the Canvas associated with either Hand Follower inactive.

Set Hand Collider Inactive

Sets the Collider associated with either Hand Follower inactive.

Set Hand Collider Tag

Sets the Tag for the Hand Follower Collider.

Display Arc Pointer

Display and Configure an Arc pointer from either Hand.

Display Laser Pointer

Display and Configure a Laser pointer from either Hand.

Change Hand Follower Object

Change either Hand Follower to another Game Object.

Set Hand Follower Inactive

Sets either Hand Follower inactive for player animations etc.

Change Hand Follower Settings

Changes the offset position and rotation for each Hand Follower.

Set Hand Grabber Inactive

Changes either Hand Grabber to inactive.

Set Hand Grabber Colliders

Change Collider sizes and positions for Hand Grabbers

Set Hand Control Actions

Configure or Change inputs for either controller with Actions at runtime.

Vibrate Hand Control

Allow Haptics/Vibration of either hand controller.

Hide Arc Pointer

Hides the Arc Pointer.

Hide Laser Pointer

Hides the Laser Pointer.


The Hand Followers are at the core of linking Game Creator with VR. As can be seen in the Hand Follower documentation, Actions can be added to each of the Inputs on either of the Hand Control, but more importantly, they can be changed during game play by using the above Actions. This allows for context sensitive control settings, depending on the environment or situation.


There are also time when you will need to disable (set inactive) components like the follower or collider, and this can also be achieved using the included Actions. Arc and Laser pointers are provided. These can be used with either hand, and are utilised for functions like teleporting and dragging objects.


Basic Haptics (vibrations) have been included and these will be enhanced in future releases.

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