Object Actions

Attach Object with RigidBody

Attach Object using Joint and RigidBody.

Release Object with RigidBody

Release Object using Joint and RigidBody.

Click Laser Pointer

Sends an Event Trigger to the Game Object Clicked on.

Drag with Laser Pointer

Drags an Object with Laser by Tag and configures Laser.

Stop Drag with Laser Pointer

Drops Object with Laser by Tag.

Grab Object by Tag

Grabs Object by Tag with either Hand and adds optional Rigidbody on Drop.

Drop Object by Tag

Drops Object grabbed by Tag

Grab Object with GrabPoint

Grab Object with GrabPoint component added

Drop Object with GrabPoint

Drop Object with GrabPoint component added

Grab Object with RigidBody

Grab Object using RigidBody.

Drop Object with RigidBody

Drop Object using RigidBody.


Game Objects can be grabbed, dragged, and dropped, using the Laser Pointer, a RigidBody, or a Grab Point (VR component added to game Object). The GrabPoint allows for Hand Positioning, and a Gizmo is used to show the positioning. Grabbing can also be used in conjunction with hand poses to make a more realistic animation.


Tags are also used, and an optional add RigidBody can be added to the game object upon drop. This will add to the realism of allowing the object to fall.


See the included Example Scenes for configuration option and suggestions.

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