Line Renderers


At the time of writing, the XR Manager prefab consists of three line renderers.


  • Laser Pointer (a straight pointer used for dragging objects or activating triggers)
  • Arc Pointer (used inconjunction with teleport Actions)
  • UI Pointer (automatically activated when a world space Canvas is pointed at)


Each of these line renderers can be added to the left and/or right hands and configured using VR Actions. Each of them can also have a Marker at the end of the line. This can be a marker of your choice and is changed by updating the prefab. The Laser and Arc pointers has similar Actions. The hand control can be set, and for the Right Hand, you will need to check the invert box. The colors can be set, and the End position cab be saved to a variable. This is needed if you want to teleport the Player or move a game object. See the Basic IK example scene for how this is configured.


Youi can also set the hand state On Press, and set it back On Release. Sample Hand Poses and Masks are included.


The UI Pointer Line Renderer has an added script. This is where you can set which hand it originates from or you can change it using a VR Action. This pointer automatically appears for World Space UI canvas interactions. You can use it to click on buttons, drag sliders and scroll boxes. A World Space Keyboard is being created and this will be released in subsequent version.

Please Note: Currently you cannot drag an item out of the UI Canvas, and this may be a problem for some Inventory functions (see Inventory Example Scene for a workaround). 

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