VR Multiplayer


Virtual Reality in Multiplayer is Work in Progress. We have tested the VR Module with the Photon Multiplayer Module for Game Creator 1 and it works as the Multiplayer system has been designed. Canned animations are forwarded to the other players, but VR Hand follower movements are not, and this is an issue for things like Free Play Melee.


However, we have provided a example scene and a tutorial of one of the ways to set this up. As the Photon Module is not our product, you will need to complete your learning curve on the Photon Multiplayer Module site and Documentation. But if you wish to proceed with Photon, follow this link to the tutorial.


Our implementation of Multiplayer uses SmartFoxServer and is called OpenWorld. You play several of our demos from this page, and check back for updates regarding this product.

OpenWorld includes the following in a single asset:


  • Fully Scalable Multiplayer with locally hosted and server options.
  • Support for Game Creator 1 including Melee, Shooter, and Traversal examples.
  • Support for Game Creator 2 and its subsequent modules.
  • Full in game Chat system.
  • Multiplatform including PC/Mac, Mobile, and VR, all in the same game.

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